about rACHEL

Multi-dimensional Rachel Melvald is a psychotherapist, actor, writer, filmmaker and consultant of art and design. With her trademarked business called PSYCHITECTURE- she puts a psychological lens in all that she does.  Founder, Rachel Melvald, studied Fine Arts and Psychology at the University of Michigan.  Melvald also trained at both the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the UCLA School of Interior Architecture.


With over 15 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist in both the private and public sector,  Rachel launched her art and design business. She also has training as a  production designer which she utilized to come up with visions for film and character development.  Rachel's continually diversifying career has also led her to start in the fields of acting , writing and producing the show “DISASTER”.    DISASTER is a story of a psychotherapist finding herself through her comedic adventures in her work and in LIFE.  


Her Masters in Social Work degree helped Melvald develop her entertainment career and to work on two documentary films she is currently producing.  “THE DREAM”,  a documentary based in her hometown of Cleveland about teen girl basketball players and the mentors who support them.  “MIRACLE MOMENTS” is a documentary about magical moments found when Cuban Artists work with American Artists.  She continues an active business whose primary goal is connecting to people- the most powerful motivation  for her art.  If she’s not psychotherapizing she’s creating- all in the spirit to connect, empower, inspire, entertain, raise consciousness to elevate change for humanity. AMEN.